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Help some of my friends finish this film so it can premier at Sundance!

A Brooklyn repo-man and his globetrotting girlfriend forge an unlikely romance.  But what should be a match made in stoner heaven turns into a love triangle gone awry in this dark comedy that is part ballad of chemical dependency, part coming-of-age romance, part hallucinatory adventure.

Newlyweeds was shot in April of 2012 and we’ve spent the last nine months prepping the film for its world premiere at Sundance, only a few weeks away. 

But in order to finish the film we need your help.

Your donation will go towards: 

- Color correction (to make it look pretty…color correction is like Instagram for movies…except not free ;-)

- Sound design (New York is a noisy city…garbage trucks compacting trash, sirens wailing, random street chatter) Sound design is the invisible art form. A good movie NEEDS realistic sound.

-A top-notch soundtrack (Imagine Pulp Fiction without the Hawaii Five O theme song…a good soundtrack costs $$$$$)

Low budget feature filmmaking takes a minor miracle or two. Our families, friends and collaborators have made incredible sacrifices to get us this far. The $10,000 we are seeking equal millions on a Hollywood movie, because a pound of our sweat stretches a pocketful change. With your donation, the money we raise will kickstart Newlyweeds to a theater near you. 

Feel free to check out our rewards to the right. And whether you’re able to donate or not, please spread the word. Thank you!

Shaka King

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